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ARTIFICE 5: Back in Business

Dear Everyone: Today we are officially back in business as a literary journal! This marks the fifth issue of Artifice Magazine, and while we’re extremely proud of our past four issues, we have decided to change our format in order to keep the magazine ever striving forward in its evolution. Artifice Magazine will now be released entirely electronically, and quarterly. But don’t think that we’ve given up on print, either: We will continue to publish sleek and beautiful objects as ARTIFICE BOOKS.

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Tomorrow Night: Artifice in London!

Fall 2010: a recent/relevant book list

words by Erin Wilson

video by Dia Felix & Erin Wilson

tangible in ARTIFICE 4

Artifice on Film

Before the Bride, words and film by Tyler Flynn Dorholt.

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Artifice Digital

of course sara does not hear the ocean
by Curtis Smith
Video courtesy of Meghan Lamb.

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Author Dossier 12: Steev Gillies

A4 contributor Steev Gillies ruminates on life at the end of the world. Conclusion: humor is essential and so is being the fiercest cannibal on the ruined streets of Pittsburgh.

Steev was born in Brazil but mostly grew up in the town in Alabama that has Space Camp. Artifice 4 contains his first published fiction, although his writing has appeared in The AV Club and the American Journal of Orthopedics. Also, The Believer once published an essay calling his great-great-great grandfather “quite possibly the greatest failure that ever lived.” So there’s that.


1. Preferred type of apocalypse (plague, nuclear holocaust, ice age, etc.):  

I grew up figuring it would be nuclear. I guess I’d want to be proven right?

2. Preferred post-apocalyptic city: 

Well, I live in Pittsburgh and tend to agree with the majority of Hollywood location scouts.

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Author Dossier 11: Joslyn Persh

On this wintery Friday we have for you Joslyn Persh, a contributor of Artifice 4, as she presents to you a few post-apocalyptic preferences.
Joslyn tells everyone that she lives in Baltimore, MD and sometimes that’s true. She’s a recent graduate of New College of Florida, where she learned the following: 1. King Saul’s daughter is worth 100 foreskins, 2. Defining the prose poem is only mostly impossible, and 3. There are people who believe that fiber is some sort of conspiracy. She will be attending CalArts in the fall with every intention of earning an MFA in creative writing. She also has a nonacademic life, which includes a boy who animates and a cat that might be embarrassed of her. Joslyn is rarely sure of anything.
1. Preferred type of apocalypse: 

Ice age. I like scarves.

2. Preferred post-apocalyptic city: 

I’d prefer Baltimore, but I could deal with whichever city has a decent looters to loot ratio.

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