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Hello again.


You can preview work by A5 contributors Molly Brodak, Laura Kochman, Gabriel Blackwell, and Russ Woods by going to the main site and clicking on the giant red rectangle. Preorders are still open and SHIPPING IS FREE FOR ALL ORDERS PLACED DURING THE NEXT TWO WEEKS.





I have many more nice things to say about these three majesties than anyone has patience to listen to, so I’ll stick to the basics. Jess has worked extensively on events for public & private nonprofits and knows pretty much everyone everywhere, to say nothing of how much I enjoy and admire her writing (check out her new echap &roaring&roaring). Alban is steadily building an intimidating portfolio of cover designs for publishers like Curbside Splendor, Mud Luscious Press, H_NGM_N BKS, Tiny Hardcore Press, and YesYes Books (his work on Corey Zeller’s Man vs. Sky just slays me, and have you seen Frequencies, Vol. 1?). He’s the sole proprietor over at smooth Grand Rapids pebble trnsfr.  Jeannette has been editing at Love Symbol Press for a while now, and I couldn’t be more excited about bringing on her poetic sensibility (read small breaks of light!), permanent enthusiasm, and intensely sweet disposition.


Everyone who sent in an application has our thanks, and we’ll respond to all of you in the order we received your emails. Thanks for your patience so far. We will be filling the remaining positions (1 Content Editor + 1 Assistant Editor), over the next several weeks. If you haven’t applied yet and would like to work at Artifice, you still have time! Go here for descriptions of each position and how to apply.


Once again, those who love Artifice and want to hold it close can take the first step here.






Last Wednesday, Tadd posted a note announcing that Curbside Splendor is taking Artifice on as an imprint, and that I have signed on as editor. Those are true things. Curbside and Artifice are an ideal match, and I couldn’t be more excited about working on the next phase in the expansion of this little magazine.

What changes for you, writers, designers? None, for the moment. Artifice 5 is ready to go to press—Tadd and I have been sending out acceptance letters for a while now—and as soon as it goes, work on 6 will start. Submissions remain open. Those of you who didn’t hear back from us this round, please don’t withdraw. We still have your work and are considering it for the next issue. Thanks to all for your patience.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be filling five new editorial positions at Artifice. We’re looking for people who know what we’ve done so far and what gets us all excited, but who also have clear sight in all directions. We’re looking for people who have some kind of magazine or journal experience. We’re looking for people who live in Chicago, though living somewhere else will not be a dealbreaker in every case.

We need:

– 2 content editors to help with choosing pieces for Artifice 6 and beyond

1 PR editor to manage our Facebook and Twitter accounts, pitch and coordinate events, and be the nice one

– 2 assistant editors to screen incoming submissions, stuff envelopes, and surprise us with freakish confidence and ability

Please send letters of interest along with any other material you think might boost your chances to jobs [at] artificemag [dot] com. As is the case with most small literary magazines, right now we can pay our editors only with love and respect and some free stuff.

I want to thank Tadd for the opportunity to continue the work that he and Rebekah started, and the privilege of working alongside him on the forthcoming issue. Also, thanks to Victor David Giron at Curbside Splendor for bringing us on and for all his support. Final thanks to all of you who have ever sent Artifice your writing or bought a copy. More issues and new projects to come.

❤ Peter

ARTIFICE 5: Back in Business

Dear Everyone: Today we are officially back in business as a literary journal! This marks the fifth issue of Artifice Magazine, and while we’re extremely proud of our past four issues, we have decided to change our format in order to keep the magazine ever striving forward in its evolution. Artifice Magazine will now be released entirely electronically, and quarterly. But don’t think that we’ve given up on print, either: We will continue to publish sleek and beautiful objects as ARTIFICE BOOKS.

Submissions for ARTIFICE 5 can be sent along HERE.

To see what we’re into, peruse our bookshelf HERE.