Artifice is looking for previously-unpublished stories, prose works, and poems, pieces that are (as the name implies) aware of their own artifice. The best way to get a sense of this is to check out our past issues; we also have a very helpful wishlist.

Artifice believes, for reasons that we do not want to go into here, that 1 to 14 pages is about the right length for a short story. Artifice is unlikely to accept stories or prose works over 16 pages (unless something strange and fascinating is happening on every single one of those pages). Artifice is, however, slightly more likely than most publications to accept your long poem (though over 8 pages is pushing it). Generally, we like to keep things quick and eclectic. However, we reserve the right to publish anything of any length so long as it fits our aesthetic.

If you’re sending us something that fits one of the items on our wishlist, let us know in your email. Submissions aren’t limited to the wishlist, of course, but we like to think that it gives a pretty good idea of the sorts of things we’re after.

If you’re planning on sending us something over thirty pages, query first.

Submit here.

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