Notes on Submissions, Editorial Process, Loving Stampedes

It’s that time of the year (Monday, April 7th), and we’ve been throwing ourselves into the submissions pile for Artifice 5 with abandon. Here are a few things we’ve been noticing, w/r/t all that, both about our editorial process as well as our submissions:

1. We mentioned this on Facebook earlier, but dang, y’all, poetry is killing it this time around. We’re waiting for fiction writers to step up.

2. Specifically, we’re waiting to open up that one submission that turns out to be a fiction submission that we realize we love like we’ve never loved anything on a page before. We want that to happen SO BAD right now.

3. Particularly fiction that does something interesting with the space of the page.  Fiction that requires us to worry about how we’re going to lay it out. In the best of cases, maybe, fiction that we don’t even want to accept, because we know what a pain-in-the-ass layout’s going to be, except that of course we will accept it, because it is so wonderful.

4. Re: poetry. We tend to really go for multiple poems that are part of a larger project. (See, for example, the Kent Leatham poems in Issue 2, available for preview here.)

5. So far we have accepted: a drama written by artificial intelligence; a memo from the Regrets Office; a loving stampede; and at least one exception. So we’re probably good for those.

Though we’re always up for reading more exceptions.

One response to “Notes on Submissions, Editorial Process, Loving Stampedes

  1. Thanks for the exemplary shout-out in 4.Re:poetry above, lovely esteemed editors! Thanks for keeping the madness alive and kicking. Cheers, K.

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