People, and Where You Can Find Them

Metonymically speaking, of course.

Artifice 1 contributor Joel Patton and EXITS ARE evil-genius Mike Meginnis both have work up in the new Red Lightbulbs.

ILK Issue 3 features work by Josh Kleinberg and Artifice blogger Russ Woods.

Michael Czyzniejewski is the featured writer at Ninth Letter. He also got a pretty sweet write-up in the Chicago Reader, and we’ve heard rumors involving the Tribune.

Oh man oh man oh man. Erin Fitzgerald and Kirsty Logan both have chapbooks in the anthology Shut Up / Look Pretty, and we just read them, and are they good, yes they are.

While we’re on the topic of books: Brian Oliu’s Level End is now available for order from Origami Zoo Press. Oliu’s been tearing it up recently: his collection So You Know It’s Me came out like a second ago, and his chapbook Come See for Yourself was included in the anthology The Fullness of Everything.

xTx and William Walsh both have work in April’s The Collagist.

Christopher Phelps has work forthcoming in The Kenyon Review, New York Quarterly, and Boston Review, among other places. (Plus not to mention a publication-to-come in Artifice 5.)

Blogger Meghan Lamb has this story about Janey Smith up at Pangur Ban Party that’s so awesome we don’t even need to tell you about it, because you’ve probably already read it.

And speaking of, Janey Smith has work up at My Name Is Mud, along with Artifice 4 contrib Richard Chiem.

Artifice blogger Matt Rowan has work up at Necessary Fiction.

Would you like to see a short movie? Dia Felix and Erin Wilson’s adaptation of “Fall 2010: A Recent/Relevant Booklist,” which screened at the Artifice 4 release, is up on Vimeo.

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