The Combustible Type

M Kitchell has a new chapbook, a reprint “bootleg”, and a downloadable zine out with Solar▲Luxuriance. Oh, and a pulsating book trailer.

Bad Questions for Good Writers, an audio interview with Marc McKee, author of Fuse.

Joseph Scapellato and Robert Kloss have contributed to the forthcoming UNSAID 6.

Richard Chiem has a collaborative ebook out with Magic Helicopter Press and a piece in the February elimae.

Caroline Crew proudly presents ILK issue 2 (Remember when we did that reading with ILK in London? Yeah, that was cool…). Also find Caroline inSpecter Magazineand elimae.

Pre-order Kat Dixon’s book of poems Temporary Yes as soon as physically possible. Read her in Thrush, too.

In case anyone missed it, Rebecca Elliott has an astounding website, Further Experiments. A laboratory of imagery, sound, and the science of smell.

Erin Fitzgerald is in >kill author 12.

This piece by  Jen Gann in NOÖ Journal is from last year, but it’s still mighty fine. So is this one by Melissa Goodrich.

Jen Besemer has a new e-chapbook out with White Knuckle Press.

ON THE ESCAPE is a new journal of poetry and film edited by Tyler Flynn Dorholt.

There’s a new item on our bookshelf: EXITS ARE, an ongoing e-book published in conjunction with Uncanny Valley, by Mike Meginnis and “many players.”

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