Reading in London (with Pics!)

Now that we’re back and (mostly) recovered from jetlag, we figured it was high time to put up some pics from the recent Artifice/ILK reading in London.

First off, a little roaming from earlier in the day–we found a Reckless Records in Soho (a favorite store of ours at home in Chicago, just down a bit on Milwaukee Ave):

Our friend Andy, who accompanied us on our East Coast tour last fall, had apparently beat us to the UK:

This comics store, appropriately named “Gosh!,” was amazing:

Do y’all know Edie Fake’s work? He’s pretty great. Anyway, we found his book in London:

But yes. On to the reading!

First up, reading for Team ILK, were Peter Bloxham (who has a pretty great blog, here) and Jack Castle:

Next up was Julia V. Hendrickson, author of Grow No Moss, published in collaboration with Chicago’s Spudnik Press:

Kerri French read from her series of “Amy Winehouse” poems (two of which can be found in Artifice Issue 2). Turns out that the Monarch Bar, where we were reading, was well-known as one of the places where Amy Winehouse used to DJ. We didn’t know this, but Kerri did.

The mighty Caroline Crew repped both ILK (she’s the editor) & Artifice (she’s got a piece in Issue 4):

James Tadd Adcox finished the night off, reading first from an ongoing collaborative project with Julia Hendrickson (A Very Short Introduction to the Atlantic Ocean, here), then “Break Their Teeth, O God, in Their Mouth, Break Out the Teeth of the Young Lions” (forthcoming in trnsfr):

Thanks once again to the readers and everyone who came out, and to the Monarch for hosting us. We had a blast. Special thanks to Julia & Caroline for helping to get this reading together.

3 responses to “Reading in London (with Pics!)

  1. This looks like such a rad time. I need to go to London probably.

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