Velvetron Strikes Back

Artifice ally, Colin Palombi, is at it again. We don’t mind hyping Colin at all, considering he is responsible for a special print found within Artifice 1 AND he’s making a super sick video for the upcoming Artifice 4 release party. Catch him and his band, Velvetron, this Friday for some wholesome, good-hearted fun.


When: Friday November 4th @ 8 pm
Where: Nightingale Theater (1084 N. Milwaukee, Chicago)
Why: Velvetron presents a Rock/Paper/Scissors tournament
to celebrate the release of their new album 4.
There will also be a screening of a short documentary about the band entitled
*Admission: Free
*Limited edition Albums: $5
*Entry to the tournament: $3
The Chicago band Velvetron formed in 2002. As Velvetron, Anthony Mizicko, Colin Palombi (The Homoticons), Tim Berthiaume, and Seth Vanek (Roommate, Thin Hymns, Tom Comerford) got their start playing parties and events at the now defunct underground space known as the Ice Factory. They went on to open for local and touring acts such as Sybris, The French Kicks, Scout Niblett, Office, and the Octopus Project.

After going on a west coast tour to promote their 2005 album Things to Don’t, the band broke up for several years, reuniting in 2008 after the use of their song “Snoozebar” in a prominent Obama campaign video reignited interest in the group. After releasing music through a short-lived podcasting format termed The Velvetron Vlogcast, the band decided to release their music the old-fashioned way – as a full-length album.

4 combines Velvetron’s instrumental post-rock with even more concerted efforts at pop song-craft. The single “Misty Mountain Hop” finds the band sharing vocal duties for the first time, delivering perhaps their most concise and catchy tune to date.

Instead of performing their music for the public in the traditional album release mode, the band has decided to celebrate the release of the album by hosting a full-scale, single-elimination, refereed Rock/Paper/Scissors tournament where 32 entrants will be able to compete for a grand prize. The occasion will also function as the premier of a short video entitled, Velvetron: Now, Where are They? that documents the band’s rise and fall through the course of the last decade. Other music videos and shorts that band has produced over their career will be screened as well.

For more information about the album or event, please contact

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