Author Dossier 3: Trisha Low

Trisha Low joins us for this week’s Doomsday dossier.

She contributed her piece Letters to Charles Olson (for Charles Olson, duh) to the forthcoming Artifice 4.

Check out her online chapbook Confessions [of a variety] HERE, available for free download.


1. Preferred type of apocalypse (plague, nuclear holocaust, ice age, etc.): 

If the world were a room, I would sit in the middle of it and start screaming. Well. It would start out a low whine, low in volume but high-pitched, and get louder and louder and then become screaming. You can’t comfort that, or help that, right? All I’m interested in doing is screaming and making sure everyone feels it, whatever the fuck that means. Your only sound option would be to start screaming as well, duh, but no one bothers. No one is paying any attention, so I guess nothing exists…

2. Preferred post-apocalyptic city: 


3. Preferred anti-zombie weapon: 

Obscene preciousness.

4. Top five necessities to bring to the fallout shelter: 

Foot-wide bondage tape


Shakira’s she-wolf (infinitely demanding ego-loop)

Two webbed boots for every masked face

This letter to daddy

5. Describe said fallout shelter: 

I’m not secure enough for this.

6. Who would be in your post-apocalyptic gang?

The Comte de Lautreámonte

Dr. Karen Shimakawa (performance studies, NYU)

Pick ‘n mix slices of My Chemical Romance

Ritually interactive action-hero team of girly BFFs

7. You’re the new charismatic leader of a cult of your choosing. What do you wear to your first meeting? 


8. Spirit guide?

Rose McGowan

9. If you had to eat another author (in Artifice 4 or otherwise) who would it be and why? 

I’m not sure whose uterine lining I’ve already nailed my nasty little foetal limbs to.

10. A cockroach can live several weeks with its head cut off. What does this mean to you (spiritually, existentially, etc)?

This face has been rejected, like a bad tissue sample.

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