Author Dossier 2: Joshua Kleinberg

Josh Kleinberg is the author of Wrong Turtle, a piece soon to appear in Artifice 4! He resides in Columbus, Ohio.

Check out his entire list of published work HERE.


1. Preferred type of apocalypse (plague, nuclear holocaust, ice age, etc.):

I think about this more than I should, frankly.  The two constants in my weird fantasy-nightmares are black-and-orange shading and a Hans Zimmer score. I hope the apocalypse is somehow spiritual though. That’d be so much more interesting to me. I hope it’s Catholic.
2. Preferred post-apocalyptic city:
Paris because I’ve never seen it.
3. Preferred anti-zombie weapon: a previously derided encyclopedic knowledge of voodoo and George Romero movies.
4. Top five necessities to bring to the fallout shelter:
cigarettes, canned goods, Uno, the internet, lighters for the cigarettes.
5. Describe said fallout shelter:
A little cramped.
6. Who would be in your post-apocalyptic gang?
Mike Huckabee and Jay-Z (tormented by Beyonce’s death).
7. You’re the new charismatic leader of a cult of your choosing. What do you wear to your first meeting?
Navy slacks and my opal cuff links.
8. Spirit guide?
Beyonce, with whom—it is revealed in a series of flashbacks—I’d previously had a passionate affair.
9. If you had to eat another author (in Artifice 4 or otherwise) who would it be and why?
James Franco because he’s young and tender :-*
10.  Some say a planet called ‘Nibiru’ will collide with the earth in December 2012. Tell us about Nibiru.
Nibiru is non-existent.

2 responses to “Author Dossier 2: Joshua Kleinberg

  1. I'm pretty sure Joshua Kleinberg is a Nibiruid

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