A Big Announcement

Dear All,

I’ve got a big announcement to make.

Tadd and I started Artifice in May 2009, after significant thought and discussion, in order to have a place where we could build an argument about a specific aesthetic: “the artifice aesthetic.” I’m pleased to say that we’ve done that over the three issues we’ve put out so far.

Nevertheless, after an additional amount of significant thought and discussion, I will be leaving Artifice as managing editor.

Some of you may know that my day job is at a nonprofit called Growing Home here in Chicago. In May I took a promotion to serve as Associate Director, managing all the programs and general operations for our job training program and urban and rural training farms. While I’m pretty excited about all this, it’s not leaving me much time to devote to Artifice.

Luckily, there are two fabulous staff members to continue the work we’ve been doing at Artifice Magazine: James Tadd Adcox will continue as editor, and Ian McCarty, who has been working with us since Issue 2, will step up to serve as managing editor in my place.

I am so proud of what I helped create with Artifice Magazine,and I’m excited for Artifice as it moves forward.  Changes are afoot! But I’ll let Tadd and Ian decide when to share those announcements.

I won’t be disappearing from the literary scene, though, nor from the internet. You can always find me at my online home, and if you’re a Chicagoan, I’ll certainly see you around.

Love Rebekah

2 responses to “A Big Announcement

  1. Sad news/good news! You will def be missed Rebekah!!! But on to bigger and better things, just like YOU!

  2. Sad but fantastic! Congrats and best of luck!

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