Things We Learned This Year at AWP

  • The editors of NANO Fiction are “pornographers and agents of pornography,” according to the IRS. Which means that probably you should subscribe.
  • Brian Oliu owns exactly 33 track suits.
  • Brian Oliu has some unspecified, but exact, organizational system for his track suits.
  • xTx is real. She is not (previous theory) an internet being created by the online literary scene’s communal longing for such a writer to exist.
  • Unless she sent an actress.
  • In any case, the person we met who called herself xTx was wonderful.
  • The band Matmos, or members thereof, were apparently roaming around the bookfair floor.
  • Tim Jones-Yelvington can stand in heels for four days in a row without falling, much.
  • Vanessa Place likes Tim Jones-Yelvington’s “thing” (SFW).
  • Artifice Magazine has a secret admirer, who sent us flowers to our room. Was it you? Would you like us to send you a Valentine this year? Let us know (editors AT artificemag DOT com). We totally will.
  • If you ask a drunken roomful of writers who their favorite explorer is, they will yell out “Magellan.” Unless they are M. Kitchell, in which case they will yell out “Dora.”

We had a great time seeing all of you who we saw/meeting all of you who we met, and we’re looking forward to hanging out with y’all in our hometown next year for AWP Chicago.

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