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Mixtape, Anne Cecelia Holmes: Mix for a Sunday

Anne Cecelia Holmes lives in Western Massachusetts. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in SUPERMACHINE, notnostrums, and Sir! Three collaborative poems with Lily Ladewig (“I Am a Natural Wonder,” “I Am a Natural Wonder,” and “I Am a Natural Wonder”) appear in Artifice Issue 3. Lily and Anne’s chapbook, I Am a Natural Wonder, from Blue Hour Press, can be found here.

The New Pornographers – The Laws Have Changed

Elvis Costello – Man Out of Time

Guided By Voices – My Valuable Hunting Knife

Beach Boys – God Only Knows

Beat Happening – Indian Summer

Silver Jews – Random Rules

Talking Heads – Radio Head

Pavement – Gold Soundz

Wilco – When You Wake Up Feeling Old

What do you want?

1. I have been listening to this song on repeat for two hours, except not this version, the album version.

2. If you are interested in reviewing Issue #3, please send me (Rebekah) an email to editors AT artificemag DOT com with the following info:

  • Where you will publish or display your review, and/or how you will distribute it
  • Why you are a good person to review Issue #3
  • Your mailing address

Please note that we have a limited number of review copies available and that not all requests will be chosen.

3. Issue #3 will be mailed soon! If you are a considering subscribing, or ordering Issue #3, please do it now! (Note that you can also buy a copy and still review it!)

4. Here is another blond singer from Canada. They’re kicking it up there these days. I recently saw Diamond Rings here in Chicago and it was. Outstanding.

Mixtape/Brandon Blackburn

Brandon Blackburn’s work has appeared in, among other places, Skive Magazine, Jersey Devil Press, Rose & Thorn Journal, and Haunted. He holds an MA in English from the University at Albany, SUNY; his master’s thesis on Thoreau was published last year by Lambert Academic Press. His story, “Black Sails by Sunrise,” a maze of footnotes, endnotes, and addenda, appears in Artifice #2.

I think Side A would be good to listen to while watching the sex scenes in Blue Velvet on mute.  Side B would be good to listen to while throwing porcelain plates at a brick wall or breaking up with your girlfriend or doing both simultaneously.

Side A

“Black Tongue,” Yeah Yeah Yeahs

“I Think I Need a New Heart,” Magnetic Fields

“Gold Guns Girls,” Metric

“Spell,” Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

“Stuck Between Stations,” Hold Steady

“Ever (Foreign Flag),” Team Sleep

Side B

“Laredo,” Band of Horses

“Black Balloon,” Kills

“Great Expectations,” Gaslight Anthem

“Beg,” Evans Blue

“California on My Mind,” Wild Light

“90-Mile Water Wall,” The National

Things We Learned This Year at AWP

  • The editors of NANO Fiction are “pornographers and agents of pornography,” according to the IRS. Which means that probably you should subscribe.
  • Brian Oliu owns exactly 33 track suits.
  • Brian Oliu has some unspecified, but exact, organizational system for his track suits.
  • xTx is real. She is not (previous theory) an internet being created by the online literary scene’s communal longing for such a writer to exist.
  • Unless she sent an actress.
  • In any case, the person we met who called herself xTx was wonderful.
  • The band Matmos, or members thereof, were apparently roaming around the bookfair floor.
  • Tim Jones-Yelvington can stand in heels for four days in a row without falling, much.
  • Vanessa Place likes Tim Jones-Yelvington’s “thing” (SFW).
  • Artifice Magazine has a secret admirer, who sent us flowers to our room. Was it you? Would you like us to send you a Valentine this year? Let us know (editors AT artificemag DOT com). We totally will.
  • If you ask a drunken roomful of writers who their favorite explorer is, they will yell out “Magellan.” Unless they are M. Kitchell, in which case they will yell out “Dora.”

We had a great time seeing all of you who we saw/meeting all of you who we met, and we’re looking forward to hanging out with y’all in our hometown next year for AWP Chicago.

Dear AWP,

Thank you.


Love, Artifice