Mixtape: M Kitchell/(Don’t) Shampoo Your Hair in the 1900s

M Kitchell reads and works in DeKalb, IL, and will one day kill himself in the ocean.

consider this, perhaps, the b-side to tim jones-yelvington’s mix

(shit from the late-80s that set the scene for what was to come:)

my bloody valentine – sunny sundae smile

rem – harborcoat

sonoko – in heaven

galaxie 500 – tugboat

brilliant corners – why do you have to go out with him

(and then the 90s)

polvo – tilebreaker

thrush hermit – french inhale

elevator to hell – hurricane

helium – honeycomb

stereolab – cybele’s reverie

modest mouse – dukes up

guided by voices – auditorium/motor away

eric’s trip – girlfriend

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