Glenn Shaheen’s Untitled Internet Mixtape

Glenn Shaheen’s pieces “Carnivalia” and “Blue Angels” appear in Issue 2 of Artifice Magazine. You can see Artifice’s Managing Editor Rebekah Silverman read “Carnivalia” at Chicago’s Orange Alert Reading Series here. About his mixtape, Shaheen says “Hope it doesn’t suck! And sorry it’s all 80s.”

Artifice Magazine’s official position is that one should never be sorry for the eighties.

Mad World – Tears For Fears

Pink Frost – The Chills

Union City Blue – Blondie

Every Day Is Halloween – Ministry

I’m in Love with a German Film Star – The Passions

This Wreckage – Gary Numan

Borderline – Madonna

Macbeth – Ciccone Youth

Burn The Flames – Roky Erickson

Words – Missing Persons

Gates Of Steel – Devo

2 responses to “Glenn Shaheen’s Untitled Internet Mixtape

  1. Oops, that should be "Roky" Erickson. My bad!

  2. Artifice Magazine

    aaaaaaannd… fixed!

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