Mixed-Up Tape, by Janey Smith

Janey Smith’s piece “Ghost Town (Or How the Baby Bunny Became Voltaire)” will appear in Issue 3 of Artifice Magazine, which is yet another reason why you probably want to pick up a copy. Her collection Very Ape is forthcoming from Ink Publishing & Design in spring 2011. She may or may not exist.

Mixed-Up Tape:

Afrirampo – Afrirampo

I like lots of color, pop. I like dummies. I am one. They haunt my stuff. I am haunted by dummies. Take my hand, dummy. Come with me.

OOIOO – Umo (for Ken Baumann)

Together we can change this terrible world. All we need is a little music. Let’s chant together. Let’s drum this world into the ground.

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Lost Picking Flowers In The Woods

This is where we will meet. Plan our strategy. We might not find our way at first. Let’s keep trying.

Stereolab – Come Play In The Milky Night


Lush – Nothing Natural

It’s nice to fake stuff. Like feelings. But, I really do love you. And I love this world, too. But, it is awful. We need to change it.

Kiiiiii – Four Little Joeys (for Carolyn Zaikowski)

Carolyn Zaikowski wants to change the world. Ken Baumann wants to change the world. If we all–I mean everybody who loves them, us–jump at the same time, will we knock off the corporate capitalist bad dictator people from the world? Let’s try it.

Nirvana – Very Ape

I will help you if you need it. I have a couch.

Rush – Limelight 

Fame makes people do weird things. Sometimes people do things because they want love. I love weirdos and criminals. I love poets and artist people. I love Phillip Greaves, VOLNA, and the wikileaks guy. Sometimes people do things because they love too much. Like Jim Goad, for instance.

Sparks – Mickey Mouse

I was born in Disneyland. When we moved I could still see the Matterhorn from my foster home bedroom window. I believe in dreams. Sometimes I wish upon a star. Dear STAR? When will revolution come?

The Verve – Already There

This dream is in my head: I am floating, alone. Then I see all these twinkling lights and I think: It’s you. And all the twinkling lights float up with me and we mix, pop, streak, and fly fly fly across this deep space night. Together.

Hidden Track:

Deerhunter – Helicopter

Mike and Steven. Now, they are through with me.



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