The Official “Run-Up to Issue 3 Artifice Magazine Mixtape Blitz of Joy”

In celebration of our third issue (just back from the printer with that fresh magazine smell, due to be released at the AWP conference a little over two weeks from now), we’ve asked contributors from all three Artifice issues to contribute “internet mixtapes” that we’ll be posting here over the next couple of weeks.

First up is Fred Sasaki, whose piece, “Serious Accusation,” appears in Issue 2.

A Dozen Songs on Youtube, Fred Sasaki

: Tracy Morgan on Doug Flutie, “How the fuck you gonna know how to be great if you don’t study greatness?”

Side A

“T.R.O.Y.” Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth on Yo! MTV Raps

Original 1963 recording of Doctor Who theme music, Delia Derbyshire and Ron Grainer. (Oh my, Delia Derbyshire.)

“Forever,” Peter Drake: “Hold me / Kiss me / Whisper / Sweetly / That you’ll / Love me / Forever”

“My Girl From The South Sea Isles,” Sweet Hollywaiians: “O when she start to wiggle / yea start to wiggle / she put you in a trace / with her south sea dance”

Stephin Merritt on Good Day Atlanta: “Everyone you despise will die / so smile.”

Side B

“Everybody Loves the Sunshine,” Roy Ayers: “Folks get brown in the sunshine.”

“Everyone Says I Love You,” by Man Man in a Parisian Coiffer: “The goose and the gander and the gosling, too”

Theme from Les parapluis de Cherbourg: “Il faut essayer d’etre heureux” [We must try to be happy]

Jolie Holland sings a song in progress: “Brings a smile to my lips / when I think of your fist / narrowing in on and cracking his ribs”

“Hello It’s Me,” The Isley Brothers, on Soul Train, 1974 (Todd Rundgren, same song, same show, 1973)

“Your Love is King,” Sade: “Crown you in my heart”

“Sharktopus,” The Cheetah Whores: “But greatness comes at a price. It always has.”


Nina Simone sings “Zungo”

Song by Babatunde Olatunj

P.S. I love T. Rex

2 responses to “The Official “Run-Up to Issue 3 Artifice Magazine Mixtape Blitz of Joy”

  1. nice, fredhi artifice

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