Many Exciting Things

are happening! Here are some of them:

1. AWP is coming up in like, what, a month? At the Artifice table we’re going to be having author signings and brunch. For real.

2. The new issue of Requited is up & is beautiful. Featuring work by Artifice contributors Andrew Farkas, Michael Czyzniejewski, & Travis Blankenship, along with Jac Jemc, Heather Palmer, and more.

3. xTx, whose piece “Biography” will appear in Artifice Issue 3, has a new book, Normally Special, out soon from Tiny Hardcore Press. You can, & should, pre-order here.

4. & for those of you around Chicago: This Wednesday’s Encyclopedia Show, which focuses on the topic of BRAINS, will feature Artifice ed-in-chief James Tadd Adcox, reading a piece about the brains of technology, or the Technium. Which is totally a real thing, apparently. More info here.

One response to “Many Exciting Things

  1. BRUNCH? This is the first thing I've heard to make me excited about AWP.

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