Upcoming and Incoming!

Winter Wheat

Artifice Magazine will be rocking it at Mid-American Review’s Winter Wheat Conference this weekend, participating in two panels on Saturday: “Chicago Underground: Independent Literature Exploding Forth from the Windy City” (10:30-11:45), and “Chicago Shares Its Favorite Work” (2:30-3:45).

Editor-in-Chief James Tadd Adcox and Deputy Editor Ian McCarty will discuss running a literary magazine. Probably we’ll be talking about things like creating a relationship with your audience and creating a voice for the magazine overall. Maybe you’ve noticed we like to use the word “we” a lot? And kind of do this thing where the magazine itself has, like, a collective personality? Stuff like that.

Also the mechanics of running a small-press magazine, what we’re looking for, how we make decisions, etc.

& in the afternoon panel, we’ll be reading some work.

Panelists will also include Jacob Knabb (Another Chicago Magazine), Amanda Marbais (Requited), Whitney Holmes (Switchback Books), and Jon Fulmer, Casey Bye, and Steve Tartaglione (Kneejerk Magazine).

Ear Eater

Artifice editor-in-chief James Tadd Adcox will be reading on November 19th as part of the Ear Eater Reading Series in Chicago. This month, Ear Eater is doubling as a fundraiser for Issue 2 of Pop Serial, one of our fellow Chicago-based literary magazines.

Also reading will be Sam Pink, Leif Haven, Kendra Grant Malone, and Ana C.

Probably JTA will read something about Fu-Manchu, or else something that involves a lot of yelling and dramatic fist-pumps.

1622 South Allport St. Apt. #1. Starts at 8.

We Like Libraries, Also Schools

Artifice Magazine now offers free subscriptions to public libraries and public high schools, primarily because we are highly in favor of both free libraries and schools. If you are a public library or public high school, and would like more information about receiving a free subscription, email us at editors AT artificemag DOT com.


Are there more pumpkin pie videos coming? YES.

(& if you’d like to know why, see this.)

3 responses to “Upcoming and Incoming!

  1. Deputy Editor sounds so bad ass, like Doc-Holliday-with-the-shotgun bad ass. Wish I could be at the festival, guys. Take some names. Also, I'm going to mention this to some schools and libraries around here. The Indy public library has a gaping hole where literary journals should exist. I seriously think New Yorker and Paris Review are the only journals they have on hand. Maybe not even Paris Review anymore. It's been awhile since I've looked.

  2. Artifice Magazine

    Christopher: please do. We'd love to be in the Indy public library.

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