Some Things I’ve Been Reading Recently on the Internet

1. Dennis Cooper, I really only found out about you recently. I am in love and maybe also a little afraid of you.

2. “and that is why you must first eat the bitter leaves child to get to the heart”

3. The first issue of The Reprint is out, bringing “new life to your already printed material.” Including a reprinting of a Roxane Gay piece that appeared in Artifice Issue 1, a Michael Martone story originally printed in the Sonora Review, and a Michael Martone contributor’s note originally printed in Columbia.

(If you like the Roxane Gay piece, here’s the moment where I casually suggest that maybe you want to check out the issue in which it appeared?)

4. “And the soul’s dark night will slowly be lowered through me. That is why I now slowly fold myself like a muscle against the wet clay to be met with the flesh against the sleep-gland’s mouths.” The (possibly final) issue of Lamination Colony is, I feel, a challenge for all of us to step our damn game up. I kind of want to do an entire post just on this issue. I might.

5. This.

6. Also this.

7. Oh, and this: “Poem Found in Novel (Atmospheric Disturbances, by Rivka Galchen),” by Todd Robinson.


One response to “Some Things I’ve Been Reading Recently on the Internet

  1. thank you, James. you should do a post on LAMINATION COLONY 2010. I keep reading it over and over.

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