Since Diving East Is Madness Much: Part 1, Baltimore & DC

Just got back from the East Coast leg of our Issue 2 release tour. Photos!


Jamie Gaughran-Perez of Narrow House offered his apartment for our reading in Baltimore. Here he is, to the left of David Blomenberg (whose work will appear in Artifice Issue 3). Artifice’s Baltimore reading was the first of Narrow House’s Monumental Reading Series, and thus the second reading series (after Indianapolis’s Vouched Presents) that our tour helped to kick off. We like being firsts.

In addition to alcohol and some excellent cookies, Jamie provided a whole roasted chicken from a place in DC called “Pollo Wow.” “Pollo WOW,” Jamie would say, gesturing to it. “Pollo WOW!”

I wish we’d gotten a picture of that chicken. It was pretty spectacular.

Baltimore looked kind of like this from his back porch:



Barrelhouse‘s Dan Brady presented us to the Wonderland Ballroom for Barrelhouse Presents.

M. Kitchell and Andy Farkas, both of whom were traveling in the van with us, started us off.

Next up was David Blomenberg, who was with us for our Chicago, Indianapolis, Baltimore, and DC readings:

Then Molly Gaudry, who was glammed out for both Baltimore and DC.

And the night ended with Tony Mancus, whose stage-patter for “Down the atlantic” was simply, “Yeah. Airplanes are terrifying.”

(Photos from NYC and Cambridge, plus videos, shout-outs, roadside readings, and more to come…)

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