Why is a magazine going on tour?

This week (tomorrow night, actually) we will be departing via van for the East Coast leg of our Issue 2 tour. I’m only mildly trepidatious. (This is Rebekah writing.) Baltimore, Washington, New York, Boston.

These pictures were all taken at our Indianapolis tour stop this weekend. By the extremely talented Ashley Adcox. That one above has Ian McCarty on the left in the background, and James Tadd Adcox in the foreground on the right.

Indy was really fun. Huge thanks to both Big Car Gallery and to Vouched Books’ Christopher Newgent. (That’s his bike, below.) Christopher, I think, is helping coalesce an exciting Indy lit scene. There’s a lot of interest, it seems like.

This tour is my fault. Kind of. It was initially my idea. I threw it out there, and then was surprised when people said it was a good idea. (People = Tadd.) As I said, I am trepidatious. I like the following things: 1) solitude, 2) quiet, 3) routine. We’ll see.

I’m kind of surprised no one has said “Hey why the hell is a magazine going on tour?!” People go on tour all the time, but not that many whole journals. But I’m pretty pleased with it. Artifice is a curated thing. Like a travelling show that goes to different museums. We will be travelling like a band. A van. Etc. Additional folks who are in the issues will be reading at the stops. And we’ll be a core (corps!) of Artifice awakening the troops. Sleeping on floors. I sent an email to the people going in the van. I told them what the weather was going to be, and suggested they bring a pillow.

This is me. Above. I shaved my head last week. I wear a lot of dark colors. Dressing up to go to an event as an editor is different than dressing as someone reading. You want to be “editorial.” Not too showy. Like saying, via fashion, “I’m not the show, but I put the show together! Do not pay attention to the folks behind the curtain!”

This picture below is Ian in the middle, and a guy I don’t know with his back to the camera, and friend-of-Artifice Amanda Marbais looking right atcha. Amanda is a founding editor of Requited.

There were quite a lot of people in Indy. Maybe 40 or 50? I’m bad at guessing numbers of people. I was never good at those guess-how-many-jelly-beans-in-this-jar games. There was a show going on at Big Car called “Whitewashed” that I really liked. Photographs.

We’ve had a lot of success with our Kickstarter campaign. THANK YOU. Tomorrow is the last day for the campaign. We will do crazy stuff for you, and video it, and give you the video via YouTube. We’re over 200% funded. Of course, it’d be great to get even more funded, since all that money goes to van costs, gasoline, etc. And some of us are very poor, and the rest of us are moderately poor. Mike, for example, is selling things to go on tour.

Above, see Mike reading. He goes by “M. Kitchell.” He is super interesting to talk to. He reads a lot of French literature. I read a lot of young adult fiction. That is a difference between us. He has a blanket fort in his house.

We will be twittering during the tour (probably mainly me and Ian, since we have the smartest phones) @artificemag.

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