Dear Internet,

This is Artifice Magazine’s newest editor, Ian M. McCarty:

And this is a link to the Kickstarter page that we are using to fund our upcoming Issue 2 Release Tour.

Ian has offered to eat one (1) pumpkin pie, in a single sitting, for every donation of one hundred dollars or more that we receive via Kickstarter. We would like to see Ian have to eat many pumpkin pies. Many.

But we are not sadists, internet.

While we do want to see Ian eat many pumpkin pies, we would also like to see him dump someone for you via text-message or phone call (donations of $10 or more), drunkenly read to you from the new issue via YouTube (donations of $20 or more), or, along with Rebekah and myself, learn interesting new dance moves and provide you with video evidence of such ($50 or more).

In addition to this, we’d like to see him have to eat a couple more pies (donations of $100 or more).

Thank you, internet.

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