The Final Week

Monday marks the final day of Artifice’s How Do We Love Thee July Subscription Drive, and we’re still not quite to our 50-subscriptions-in-July goal. 

In fact, we still need 18 subscriptions to reach our goal of 50!

So, for this last week of July, we’ll be sweetening the pot even more than we already have by entering every new or renewing subscriber we get this week into a drawing to receive the following Prize Pack of Awesomeness. The drawing will be held on Sunday, August 1.


Annalemma #6

Drain by Davis Schneiderman (Northwestern, June 2010)

Sententia #1

Early copy of Daddy’s by Lindsay Hunter (Featherproof, 2010)

Big Lucks #2


Early copy of Save the Assistants by Lilit Marcus (Hyperion, 2010)

Hobart #11

ACM #50 (All Chicago Issue)

(More awesomeness to come. And if you’ve got something you’d like to donate to the Prize Pack of Awesomeness, shoot us an email at editors AT artificemag DOT com.)

3 responses to “The Final Week

  1. I want to subscribe but can’t seem to figure out how online? When you help me figure this out and I actually subscribe, credit Tim Jones-Yelvington, the most outstanding of the many outstanding folks you have published.

  2. Dana,Here’s a link to the subscriptions page: the "Add to Cart" button under "1-Year Subscription," and that’ll take you to a Paypal page with your subscription, ready to be checked out.Hope that helps!

  3. Robert Warwick

    If I had known these were the prizes at this juncture, I wouldn’t have been your first! Nice job!

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