Bloomsday 2010

In observation of this year’s Bloomsday, we’re posting William Walsh’s story “Conmee,” which first appeared in Artifice Issue 1.


Derived from James Joyce’s Ulysses

Conmee blessed him in the sun. Conmee crossed to Mountjoy Square. Conmee was wonderfully well indeed. Conmee was very glad. Conmee doffed his silk hat. Conmee walked. Conmee stopped three little schoolboys at the corner. Conmee gave a letter from his breast to Master Brunny Lynam. Conmee smiled. Conmee was very glad indeed. Conmee walked down Great Charles. Conmee turned the corner. Conmee greeted them more than once benignly. Conmee smelt incense on his right hand. Conmee raised his hat to the Blessed Sacrament. Conmee thought of that spendthrift nobleman. Conmee began to walk along the North Strand road. Conmee saluted Mr. William Gallagher. Conmee walked through Clongowes. Conmee went by Daniel Bergin’s publichouse. Conmee smiled. Conmee passed H. J. O’Neill’s funeral establishment. Conmee reflected on the providence of the Creator. Conmee saluted the constable. Conmee observed pig’s puddings. Conmee saw a Turfbarge. Conmee stepped into an outward-bound tram. Conmee sat in a corner of the tramcar. Conmee saw the conductor help her. Conmee liked cheerful decorum. Conmee perceived her perfume in the car. Conmee thought. Conmee supposed. Conmee alighted. Conmee thought of that tyrannous. Conmee thought of the souls of black and brown and yellow men. Conmee stepped into the Dollymount tram. Conmee read in secret. Conmee drew off his gloves. Conmee had finished explaining. Conmee blessed both gravely.


The Bloomsday celebration continues at Big Other, Annalemma, Kenyon Review, and Keyhole.

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