Sex, Stickers, and Accounting

1. What are people’s opinions on the Oxford comma?

 I prefer it, as above, in the title. 

2. Tonight I am reading at the Sunday Night Sex Show.

Not the defunct Canadian radio call-in show, but a reading series at The Burlington, a bar in here in Chicago. I am reading with Kristen Fiore, Christian Woodruff, Jen Frank, and Amanda Glasbrenner. 

Readings at the Sunday Night Sex Show have to be  non-fiction.

Here is my teaser: nosebleeds. 

3. Artifice stickers. 


They seem pretty sticky, which is the primary qualifier for a good sticker.

Also they are large, and vinyl. 

IF YOU WOULD LIKE SOME STICKERS, all you have to do is email us at editors AT artificemag DOT com with your mailing address. Also, if  you buy something, like say, a copy of Issue #1, or a print from our limited edition Issue #1, we will send you some stickers with that, too. 

 4. Yesterday, I finished up the year-to-date profit-loss statement for Artifice

I couldn’t find my calculator, so that was kind of a problem. 

I use Quicken to do the Artifice accounting, which is pretty easy to use, but I still needed to do a bunch of calculations, and I ended up doing them longhand. I am not naturally good at math, although I am fairly methodical.

The bad news is that year-to-date, we are in the red just a bit. The good news is that, actually, that is not that bad!

It can take a long time to break even with a new business, and even longer to reach the payback mark, which is why starting a new business is a risk in the first place. Otherwise, everyone would own businesses, right?

(Breaking even is defined here; the payback period is defined here. Would someone like to sponsor my MBA? I think I would enjoy getting an MBA. I am not kidding.) 

But we have copies of our assets sitting on the shelves of the Artifice office, and this afternoon, I’ll putting together our balance sheet, which will tabulate all our assets, cash, fixed assets, etc. to give a big-picture of view of our financial situation. 

If you’d like to help us convert our assets into cash, you can do so here, and if you’d like to increase our liquidity, you can make a tax deductible donation here. (And I’ll send you stickers, to boot!)


3 responses to “Sex, Stickers, and Accounting

  1. Be careful soliciting your readers’ opinions regarding comma placement; these are deeply held, very personal beliefs. In the Howard Frank Mosher book A Stranger in the Kingdom, one character stomps out of the house and is estranged from his father for six years following a breakfast table argument over the Harvard comma.P.S. — I badly want two Artifice stickers.

  2. Ben, you have to email us with your address! But then we’ll send you some. Happily! (And yes, the Oxford Comma debate will rage forever. And ever. In my heart.)

  3. My mama raised me Associated Press, so I’m a comma NOT.

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