A Contest! (Updated)

Barrelhouse Issue 8 is out, and they accidentally sent us two additional copies. Rather than send them back I asked if we could give them away via contest. So that’s what we’re doing. This is their Office Life edition, featuring work from Kathleen Rooney, Elisa Gabbert, Aaron Burch, Kerri French, BJ Hollars, Angi Becker Stevens, and (happy to be in such company) me, among others. We’ll send a free copy to the first two people who email us with a surreal office-related story, true preferably, but funny in any case, and nothing over a page (this isn’t for Literature, just for fun). Send your strange office story to editors AT artificemag DOT com, & we’ll send out those Barrelhouses.

(UPDATE: Congratulations to winners Joel Patton & Marianne Villanueva! Joel’s entry involved chocolates, condoms, and a very special sort of shampoo; Marianne’s involved a scene of horrifically nonchalant flossing. We’ll get those copies of Barrelhouse out to you guys right after the postal holiday.)

We have a not-so-secret magazine crush on Barrelhouse. I mean, you’ve seen these shirts they sell, right?

When I googled Barrelhouse to get the above image, something called “The Barrelhouse Mamas” came up as well, and my first thought was “Seriously? That’s a really weird name for a porn sight.” Nope. Turns out to be a pretty wonderful bluegrass/country band. Sorry BHM. Sorry for thinking you might be porn.

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