Three things happened in the past seven days:

1. The Requited release party. Amanda Marbais, Heather Moymer, & the rest of the Requited editorial staff rented out the Hideout on Friday for a reading & musical extravaganza. Rebekah & I fell a little in love with poet Jason Bredle. You can fall a little in love with him, too: some of his poetry’s here & check out his books here.

2. Saturday’s edition of Uncalled-For Readings, hosted by (Artifice Issue 1 author) Tim Jones-Yelvington & Megan Milks. Uncalled-For is both: a, new to Chicago (the series was founded in Brooklyn); & b, badass, so y’all need to get hyped about it. Uncalled-For focuses on Queer writers, “Queer” being applied as broadly as you care to apply it, & Tim & Megan’ve done a good job of drawing in some folks from outside the standard Chicago lit scene. Case in point, performance artist Kareem Khubchandani, who read to us about why Bollywood was sexier before everybody got so toned, plus a piece about the wonders of the internet for boys growing up gay in Ghana.

3. This month’s Quickies! reading included Amanda Marbais (see Requited, above), Natalie Edwards, Matt Trupia, Sara Levine, Jonathan Messinger, Sam Pink, & brand-new Quickies Mascot Brandon Will (whose piece involved audience participation in the form of we all yelled “This is my moment” real loud when so cued).


In other news, it’s looking like we’ve got the content for Issue 2 together, though we won’t know for sure how Word .doc converts to Artifice pages until we’re a little further along in the layout process. At any rate, we’ve started taking pieces for Issue 3 (including a couple of Horrible Machines & some heart-stoppingly beautiful plagiarisms).

We’re crazy excited about the work we’ve gotten for Issue 2. If you’re in the Chicago area & you’re interested, expect to see a short preview when Rebekah & I read at the Orange Alert Reading Series this Sunday. For now, I will say two words: Freddy Krueger.

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