Update: Thursday, May 6

The week in review:

JTA and I went to a reading put together by Green Lantern Press and heard Devin King and John Beer read. Mr. King’s book Clops just came out from Green Lantern, and although it’s a little book (only 54 pages) I am getting the feeling it’s epic. (Ha, that’s a joke, because Clops is a retelling of the Odyssey.)

Here is a picture of Mr. King wearing wonderful green pants. I also took about 10 minutes of video, which has since been mysteriously deleted from my phone. JTA bought a copy of Clops; I’m pretty psyched to read it.

Also at the Green Lantern Press reading, John Beer also read, offering up a powerpoint-enhanced awesomeness. His book The Wasteland and Other Poems just came out from Canarium Books. Here is a picture of Mr. Beer looking as though he is conducting an orchestra:

In reality, that’s just the light on the podium so that Mr. Beer could read see when the lights were dimmed to make way for the powerpoint.

Later, I went to a reading at Quimby’s, which was headlined by James Greer. His book The Failure came out from Akashic in March. Yes, this is the same Mr. Greer from Guided by Voices. He seemed really nice; his reading made me want to read The Failure; he drank two Modelos during his reading.

Zach Dodson from Featherproof Books also read. First he read some Madlibs, which were great. Then he read a story (the title of which I forgot) which had cats in it. Here’s 1 minute of him reading. Mr. Dodson was wearing his red sweatshirt inside out. 

We are doing things other than going to readings and shows!

We had a content meeting this week and took a few pieces to go in Issue #3, which will come out in February of 2011. We’ve basically got #2 in the bag, but I need to lay what we have to see exactly how long it is. Our wee size makes it hard to translate manuscript pages into issue pages.

Issue #2 and #3 are really exciting. It feels like we’re exploring new realms of what the “Artifice aesthetic” really is. More on that later, probably from JTA.

To leave you, here are two more pictures. One is of Mr. Greer drinking one of his Modelos. The other is Mr. A.D. Jameson of Big Other (and other) fame listening to Mr. Greer read. 

As usual, if you want to know what we’re up to right now, visit us on Twitter or Facebook.


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