AWP Wishlist Contest: Winners Announced!

We are super-duper excited and pleased to annouce the winner and runners-up of the Wishlist Contest we held at AWP earlier this month in Denver.

The contest, which asked people to choose a Wishlist item and fulfill it on paper before the end of the conference, had high stakes: publication in Artifice Magazine and $50.

Well, after much deliberation, tabulation, certification, and exultation:

Jeremy Bushnell’s pieces “The Game of Memory,” “The Game of Routes,” and “The Game of the Self” were submitted in response to the wishlist item “”Three rule-sets for imaginary games,” and will be published in Issue #2 of Artifice Magazine in September 2010. Jeremy will also receive a check for $50!

Jeremy isn’t just a writer of imaginary game rules, but of real game rules as well. Check out the site for his forthcoming boardgame, Inevitable. (Tagline: “The game of a future not much bleaker than our own.”)

Runners-up are Amy L. Clark (for her piece “A Basic Guide to Science: Cosmology”) and B.L. Pawelek (“How I Grew Smaller”).


One response to “AWP Wishlist Contest: Winners Announced!

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