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AWP Wishlist Contest: Winners Announced!

We are super-duper excited and pleased to annouce the winner and runners-up of the Wishlist Contest we held at AWP earlier this month in Denver.

The contest, which asked people to choose a Wishlist item and fulfill it on paper before the end of the conference, had high stakes: publication in Artifice Magazine and $50.

Well, after much deliberation, tabulation, certification, and exultation:

Jeremy Bushnell’s pieces “The Game of Memory,” “The Game of Routes,” and “The Game of the Self” were submitted in response to the wishlist item “”Three rule-sets for imaginary games,” and will be published in Issue #2 of Artifice Magazine in September 2010. Jeremy will also receive a check for $50!

Jeremy isn’t just a writer of imaginary game rules, but of real game rules as well. Check out the site for his forthcoming boardgame, Inevitable. (Tagline: “The game of a future not much bleaker than our own.”)

Runners-up are Amy L. Clark (for her piece “A Basic Guide to Science: Cosmology”) and B.L. Pawelek (“How I Grew Smaller”).



Back from AWP, The Artifice reveals the second installment in the eternal series


1815: A group of human replicant hipsters attend a Halloween gala dressed as robots and feel a keen sense of irony

1923: William Wordsworth, upon becoming a country singer and then a zombie, drags a plastic palm tree onto the grassy median of an interstate highway and scribbles furiously and marvels at all the spontaneous overflows of emotion concerning the devouring of gentry flesh in early morning fog

2013: After the first dawn of the apocalypse, the night actually grows darker as morning progresses, rendering moot the first of many cherished aphorisms

4869: Humanity discovers that good invisible fences make good invisible neighbors

1955: Albert Einstein either dies or begins infinitely traveling at the speed of light, but either way, he never ages past 76

2044: Seventeen years to the day after seventeen years to the day from now you reread this sentence and marvel at how it truly feels that exactly thirty-four years to the day have passed

1775: Paul Revere begins his ride from Charlestown to Lexington, Mass., warning the American colonists that after they win the soon to ensue war, the British will come in 1812 and raze the White House


A Variety of Things, from Denver

  • The Denver Diner made our night.
  • Probably you thought that goths were something that Trey Parker made up (if you are very young), or else an anachronistic element that he and Mr. Stone like to introduce into their Colorado-based show (if you are not so young). Nope. There are goths in Denver. Several tables full of them, in fact, at the Denver Diner. We were so happy.
  • There are also punk-rockers in Denver, liberty spikes and all.
  • Black Ocean Press knows how to rock a hard sell. I came away from their table with, like, a library (Pigafetta Is My Wife by Joe Hall, Objects for a Fog Death by Julie Doxsee, Scary, No Scary by Zachary Schomburg, With Deer by Aase Berg). On the other hand, they’re really good books.
  • I’ve just had a chance to flip through it so far, but I’m pretty excited about this.
  • At one of the afterparties some folks from Featherproof gave a performance that involved banjo, short-shorts, a bucket, a tamborine, and the consumption of two half-gallons of milk.  And frankly, that’s all we’re going to say about it.
  • You should try to talk Keith Meatto (whose piece “Seven Missed Connections” will appear in Artifice Issue 2) into moving to Chicago for the summer.  He seems convincible.
  • Do you guys know about this?  Because you need it, now.

Dispatches from Denver

Come see editors James Tadd Adcox and Rebekah Silverman at bookfair table M22 at the AWP conference in Denver, April 7-10. Or, if you can’t make it, stay tuned for our roadtrip and conference tweets. (That’s right, we’re roadtripping to Denver!) If you twitter, follow @artificemag!

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