Ask The Artifice

Friend of The Artifice Stephanie Cobb asks, “Who would play Artifice in ARTIFICE: THE MOVIE, keeping in mind that Mickey Rourke has already been cast as a rival lit mag, Hilary Swank is going to don a fat suit to play the City of Chicago, and you have a reasonable special effects budget?”

The original claymation King Kong.  But he would not be filmed on a set of tiny buildings, so that he looked huge.  Instead, he would be filmed on a set with enormous buildings, buildings that are three or four times the size of actual buildings. And the entire movie would be shot through the Bean in Millennium Park .  

Nonetheless he would climb these beyond-scale buildings, because he’s King Kong, and that’s what King Kong does.  Then Hillary Swank would fall in love with him, and Mickey Rourke would eventually come around, as well.

A still from the movie.

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