Author Dossier #10: Gregory Lawless

Dossier Series Now At a Dirty Ten/Twelfths Dozen! Issue 1 Release Party Imminently Becoming Imminent!

Gregory Lawless’ Piece “Apples, Crosses” Discoverable Only in Artifice!

Name: Greg(ory) Lawless

Other Known or Desired Aliases: The Man with Two Feet, Big Guy, Little Guy, oso.

Arch-Nemesis: My doppelgänger, named Leg Grawless, who lives in Malden, Massachusetts, sells insurance, is slightly better looking than I am and keeps a blog about Alan Greenspan.  

Lair: Buffalo Wildwings; roller-skating rinks; Pacific Sunwear; Kafka’s Prague.

Sidekick: My cat, Mr. Sparkles.

Four Things He Keeps on His Person at All Times, in Order of Importance: Wind-up chattering teeth, nunchucks, Pop Rocks, “liter of cola.”

The Manhattan Project Scientist He’s Always Seen Himself As: John Cusack as Michael Merriman.

Favorite Extinct Country: Alderaan or the Kingdom of Ostgoths.

If He had the Power to Defy Any Newtonian Law of Physics it Would Be (And Why): 1) Sleepiness, b/c 2) very sleepy.

Summation of Aesthetic Philosophy: Michael Lash, Roadhouse, The Lice, My Own Private Idaho, my wife, Jonas Bendiksen, William Kennedy, The Steamtown Mall in Scranton.

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