Author Dossier #9: Joel Patton

Joel Patton’s piece “Questionnaire” can only be found strategically occupying page 67 in Artifice Issue 1

Name:  Joel Patton

Other Known or Desired Aliases:  I’ve never had an alias.  My online
names are just variations on my original name.

Arch-Nemesis:  No nemeses, either.  I try to live an antagonist-free
lifestyle.  Maybe that’s self-defeating; maybe I’m an

Sidekick:  I think that I am perhaps more the sidekick type.

Do You Consider the Arch-Nemesis of Your Arch-Nemesis to be Your
Arch-Nemesis or Your Arch-Friend?:  The prefix arch- is an interesting
one.  The OED says that it comes more or less unchanged from
ecclesiastical Greek into ecclesiastical Latin into ecclesiastical
English, and then non-ecclesiastical English (and lots of other
languages more or less the same way, though not necessarily with the
same connotations).  Arch-enemy or -nemesis sounds more natural than
arch-friend.  Other words work the other way, though.  Language is a
constant moil.
      What’s interesting to me is that like so much else, the word was
originally partly translated, so that the Old English archbishop would
be the high-bishop.  But bishop is a borrow.  Bishop is Greek for seer
or watcher or overseer.  (None of this is original scholarship, and I
don’t read Greek anyway.  This whole section is me leaning on the
OED.)  Head seer has a rather different tone than archbishop, but
things might be different, had the term been adopted.

If He Were to Perform a Monologue to WWII Soldiers While Standing in
Front of an American Flag He Would Say:  Which of my grandfathers is
in the crowd?

If He Was a Celebrity Chef In the Post-Apocalypse His Catchphrase
Would Be:  “But it’s protein, right?”

Summation of Aesthetic Philosophy:  See etymology above, and pottery

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