Author Dossier #8: Jefferson Navicky

Jefferson Navicky’s piece “Collagists’ Biography” can only be found in the pensive minds of futuristic children and on pages 73-77 in Artifice Issue 1

Name: Jefferson Navicky

Other Known or Desired Aliases: Daniel Johns, William Bolzebados, Assistant Curator of Special Collections

Arch-Nemesis: Cormac McCarthy

Sidekick: Hah-hah (childhood ((and current)) blanket)

Lair: sunporch

If Leading a Group of States into a War of Secession He Would First: channel Robert E. Lee, and my grandfather Tata.

The “Bloodless” Aroostook War resulted in one casualty.  Mr. Navicky, do you know who it was?: Yes, Private Hiram T. Smith.

If He Could Grant Any ANIMAL the Power of Speech, He Would Bestow It Upon: Squirrels.

Summation of Aesthetic Philosophy: Tin ceilings, my lover’s foot hanging off the sunlit edge of the bed, and Heaven as Library.

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