Author Dossier #7: Jessica Bozek

Jessica Bozek’s piece “Sketch for the Fantasist’s Tale” can be found in Artifice Issue 1

Name: Jessica Bozek

Other Known or Desired Aliases: J-Boz (while bowling or lighting matches)

Secret Identity: Hamster (though I doubt I’ll ever be called upon to solve the world’s energy problems)

Arch-Nemesis: Right big toe

Lair: cyan study, dog park, grocery store

Do You Consider the Arch-Nemesis of Your Arch-Nemesis to be Your Arch-Nemesis or Your Arch-Friend?: The left big toe is a friend, but only by default

Favorite Flightless Bird: Where did they find the birds to do that?

The World’s Last Passenger Pigeon Died on September 1, 1914, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Their Extinction was Brought About by Many Causes. Were You Involved in Any?: On that day, I was married at the Cincinnati Zoo. Till death or the dangerously room temperature chicken dish does us part, we pledged. Flash bulbs burst forth. One of these may have stunned the poor pigeon.

Summation of Aesthetic Philosophy: I like small animals with questionable behavior.

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