Author Dossier #6: Cynthia Reeser

The Artifice Author Dossier series now sits at a Dirty Half-Dozen.

Cynthia Reeser’s pieces “<i>alt img 3</i>” and “Story (Prepackaged)” are E.T.’s favorite and can be found in Artifice Issue 1 

Name: Cynthia Reeser

Other Known or Desired Aliases: The High Priestess of Contemporary
Literature and Arts

Secret Identity: Wonder Woman 

Arch-Nemesis: The Collective Embodiment of Bad Music, Everywhere

Lair: A secret corner of the interweb, where I weave new constructions in
hopes of catching juicy tidbits and feasting on their juices later.
Alternately, an abandoned junk car in a forgotten yard. Alternately, a
smoky pub in London. If I am in none of those places, I have effectively
retreated completely within my own imagination, and beyond that, who knows
when I’ll ever emerge.

Preferred Sidekick for a Post-Apocalyptic World: A feller named Bruce who
wears a spike collar and carries a set of nun chucks. His only thought is
“Protect the High Priestess.” He’s like an automaton in his devotion, and
he looks just like Jude Law. He also urinates 24K gold.

Preferred Mode of Transportation for a Post-Apocalyptic World: Jet pack

Preferred Actor to Play You in the Movie About Your Life in a Post-Apocalyptic World: Zooey Deschanel

Summation of Aesthetic Philosophy: Learn to feel with all of your senses.
Go without fear into the darkness, confront the abyss head-on, and savor
the fall.

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