Ask the Artifice

Our brand new series Ask the Artifice begins!  Send your Artifice related confusions to

The inaugural question comes from Issue 1 contributor Tim Jones-Yelvington, of Chicago, IL. He asks:  If Artifice established a museum, what would it exhibit and why?

Our museum would be simple, stripped to only neccessities.  It would house:

This, because it reminds us that we must never ridicule the fears and desires of our ancestors, who, though often ridiculous, in many cases had a moral standing that we lack;


This, to teach us that not all of our ancestors had the aforementioned moral standing, and anyway moral standing isn’t everything; and that we must therefore never idealize the past;


This, which demonstrates the fundamental sadness placed, by time, at the core of each joyful moment;


And this, which represents the hope that each of us secretly holds in our hearts concerning the wonders that the future may bring.

Thank you. Please watch your step as you exit.



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