Author Dossier #4: Andrew Farkas

The series presses on!

Andrew Farkas is the author of Self-Titled Debut.  No matter what lengths you may go to in your search, his story “Police Procedural” can only be found printed atop some of the pages in Artifice Issue 1

Name: Andrew Farkas

Sidekick: None, I am a lone Farkas.

Arch-Nemesis: In one particular case I had to hunt down the goddess Nemesis (seems she likes to take justice into her own hands), and she is now my arch-Nemesis.  Her curse on me was, when answering who my arch-nemesis is, I am asked, “Who is your arch-nemesis,” and when I reply, “Nemesis,” my questioner hears a question mark at the end of my response, as if I were deeply pondering the question, never to give an answer, some parody of a Freudian psychologist. “Are you just saying the last word I say?”   “Say?”

Fights Crime In: The Future Time

Notable Collars: Nemesis?

Other Notable Collars: Carmen Sandiego

Crime Detecting Mobile: Goodyear Blimp

If Bafflingly Murdered Would Want Investigation Led By: C. Auguste Marlowe. He would brilliantly deduce what had occurred, and then down a Scotch and finish with a wonderfully hardboiled one-liner.

You Didn’t Really Catch Carmen Sandiego, Did You?: Yes, in the United States and in the World.  In Time, she eluded me.

Did Your Dad Help You Catch Carmen Sandiego?: My dad helped me catch some of the members of the Rogue’s Gallery, but somehow I caught Sandiego on my own both times.

Did You Run Around Acting As If You Had Accomplished Something Great, Looking for Someone to Celebrate with When You Caught Carmen Sandiego?: You bet.  Alas, no one was home either time.

How Did You Celebrate?: After finding I was alone both times, I stared at the screen with a look that can only be compared to a Clint Eastwood stare, and pondered the fact that, whereas other people in the world may have been performing grand feats at the same time, for that one moment I felt as if no one had ever accomplished anything as great as I just had.  And I have to say, now, when I finish a story I am particularly happy with, I have that same feeling.  That same feeling I had when I apprehended Carmen Sandiego.

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