A funny story about yesterday…

If you have been considering subscribing to Artifice, or considering making a (tax-deductible!) donation, let me tell you why now is a good time.

Yesterday I was at a lunch meeting in Lincoln Park (I work at this nonprofit, here in Chicago) and my wallet was stolen out of my coat pocket. My coat was draped over the back of my chair. The thief (thieves) were big spenders, and by the time I realized my wallet was gone and put a hold on my debit card, my credit card, and the Artifice Magazine business account card, they’d already managed to spend about $2,500.Here’s what the thieves bought with Artifice money:

  • $239.99 at Gap
  • $492.72 at Express
  • $397.90 at Banana Republic
  • $452.13 at Old Navy

Now I want to make it clear that Artifice will be getting our money back. It’s going to take about two weeks, but our affidavits have already cleared. But in the meantime, we’re out $1582.74.

Which is a problem. Artifice Issue #1 is at the printer. We’ve paid our deposit, but we need to pay the other half of the cost of the issue before they’ll give the copies to us. Our plan has been to release on February 1, which means we’ve been hoping to get review copies and contributors copies out in mid-January. In order to stay on schedule, we need to pay the printer by early next week. And in order to pay, we need about $600 more than what we currently have in the bank.

See my problem here? It’s not that we lost all the money, but rather that we won’t have it when we need it. Which is why I’m asking only the people who were already planning to subscribe or donate to do so. By putting the money in the bank now rather than later, you’ll keep us on schedule for our release. Which would mean a lot. You can donate or subscribe here.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your support, and thanks for being awesome. Thank you.


2 responses to “A funny story about yesterday…

  1. Nothing tastes as good as Artifice Magazine feels in your hands hot off the presses. Which is why I’m foregoing 3 lattes and this week’s butter supply to send a cheque to Artifice for $26.98 to pay the printer.

  2. Artifice Magazine

    Not the butter!

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