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I’m not sure how long at this point Pete Toms has been working on his graphic novel Paws.  Perhaps a year and a half?  Two years?  However long it is, I have been trying to get people I know to read it for that long. I own Toms’ print-on-demand comic, Pink Tombs of Youth, and it is fantastic, but Paws is clearly his most ambitious (and most impressive) thing yet.  I am by no means an eloquent critic of the things I read, and so I will just leave it at this: I really, really love this book.  It is not yet completely finished, but he has a good chunk of it over at his website and is posting new pages as he makes them at his tumblr. You should read it.

Selections from #poetry

The first in a series of posts where I post links to things I found because they were tagged #poetry on tumblr.