The many splendored sites of Jason Foumberg.

Critic and Newcity Arts Editor Jason Foumberg has been busy lately in Chicago. Over the last few weeks he’s unveiled two new creative “curios” sites as well as a snazzy new personal website designed by the talented Ryan Swanson.

Foumberg’s personal site, a portfolio of sorts, is the cleanest and most well-organized website that a writer that could ever wish for.

My advice: take some presentation tips from this, oh ye electronically fractured pushers of pens. If you’re offering your writing en mass to the public, make sure it’s easy to navigate, simple, and direct.

Rainbow Vomit is exactly what you’d expect, but still hilarious.

Michelangelo (1475–1564). Pieta Rondanini (unfinished) 1564.

End Piece is a poignant collection of the last works of many great modern and contemporary artists, often left unfinished. If you have suggestions for End Piece, or you’ve found a great last work, you can contact Foumberg here.

Foumberg—who has an incredible, wide-ranging grasp of artists making interesting work in Chicago—recently released this year’s picks for Newcity‘s Breakout Artists, which is definitely worth a read. He and Ryan Swanson are collaborating on writing/designing a few upcoming exhibition catalogue projects, and be sure to keep a sharp (stink-) eye out for Foumberg’s forthcoming chapbook, Where the Trees Smell Like Semen.

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